Map Control Panels

Modified on Fri, 18 Oct 2019 at 01:04 PM

The Device Group Map control panel is shown on the left side of the Device Group Map. This control panel is similar to the Device Map control panel with some added information and features for managing a group of devices.

Map Options:

  • Live Update: The Live Update checkbox enables or disables the live update feature. Live Update, when enabled, will update location information and icons on the map as they happen without being required to refresh the page. Disabling the Live Update feature will stop the automatic update of location information. 
  • Update Button: The Update Button is used to update the map when the Live Update feature is disabled.
  • Auto Zoom: The Auto Zoom feature will continuously keep the map zoomed to a level that shows all devices in the group on the map.
  • Satellite View: The satellite view checkbox allow the user to toggle the satellite view of the map. This can also be done with the Satellite button at the top-left of the map screen.
  • Traffic: The Traffic option, when enabled, will show Google Traffic data on the map. Colored lines will appear over roads, highways, freeways, and interstates. The colors and icons are described below:
    • Green: No traffic delays.
    • Orange: Medium amount of traffic.
    • Red: Traffic delays. The darker the red, the slower the speed of traffic on the road.

    Traffic incident symbols:

  • Crashes Accident
  • Construction Construction
  • Road closures Road closure
  • Other incidents Other incident
  • Zoom all Devices: The Zoom all Devices button will zoom the map to a level that shows all devices on the map.

Device List:

To access the Device List on the Device Group Map, click the expand button on the right side of the Device List header.

  • Plus/Minus Button: Click the plus button to expand the control panel section, click the minus button to collapse the section.
  • Geofences: The Geofence checkbox will show or hide the geofences on the map.
  • Collapse All: The Collapse All checkbox will collapse all device details in the device list. Unchecking will expand all device list details.
  • Labels: The Labels checkbox toggles the device labels on the map.
  • Zoom all Devices: The Zoom all Devices button will zoom the map to a level that shows all devices on the map.
  • Device Header: Clicking any device header in the device list to highlight the device on the map.
  • Device Icon: The Device Icon shown in the device list displays the same icon that is shown on the map.
  • Device Buttons: The button within the device details box provides shortcuts to other device specific pages in the software.
  • Device Information Box: The expanded device information box displays the latest location information, speed, battery life, and time since the last location.
  • Expand/Collapse Button: The Expand/Collapse button on the right side of the the device header will expand or collapse the device information box.

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