Service Call List

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The Service Call List is shown in the control panel on the Device Group Map. The Service Call list displays each technician, expanding the technician box will display the service calls assigned to that technician. 

Getting to the Service Call List:

  1. Login to the TechTrack portal at
  2. Click the Menu icon at the top-left of the screen.
  3. Next, click "Group Map" under the Start header.
  4. Select the group you would like to view from the selection box at the top-right of the screen.
  5. Next, in the Control Panel on the left of the screen, click the "Service Call List" header.

Service Call List Features:

  • Collapse/Expand Sections: The plus and minus button in the control panel headers allow the user to expand or collapse the control panel sections.
  • Zoom Buttons: The zoom buttons allow the user to zoom the map to all technicians or to all service calls.
  • Collapse All: The collapse all checkbox allows the user to quickly collapse all technician boxes in the list.
  • Assigned Service Calls: The expanded technician assigned service calls box will display all service calls assigned to this technician. To view the details of a service call, click on the service call in the technician box.
  • Technician List Icon: The icon shown on each technician header in the list is the icon that is currently displayed on the map. These icons change when the vehicle is in motion to display the direction of travel. Once the vehicle ignition is turned off, the icon changes back to the technicians standard location icon.
  • Expand/Collapse Assigned Service Calls: The arrow button on the technician headers are used to expand or collapse the technician assigned service calls box.
  • Select Technician: Select a technician from the list by clicking on the technician name in the list. With the technician name highlighted in the technician list, the map displays that technician and their assigned service calls on the map. Click the header again to unselect the technician.
  • Technicians with no GPS tracker(if applicable): Some TechTrack accounts may have technicians displayed in the technician list that do not have a Datablaze GPS tracking device installed in the vehicle. These technicians are displayed with this icon.
  • Assigned Service Call: The assigned service call for the highlighted technician are displayed on the map.
  • Highlighted Technician: Highlighting a technician in the list displays the name of the technician on the map and highlights the assigned service calls for this technician.

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