The Datablaze Tech Arrival feature is used to notify customers with the status of a service call. This feature will keep the customer informed from the moment the call is dispatched until the call is completed. 

NOTE: The Tech Arrival feature is available for all e-automate users. If you do not currently use Tech Arrival, contact Datablaze Support to get it setup.

Tech Arrival Statuses:

The following statuses are used to notify the customer with status updates for the service call:

  • New Ticket Open: The first status will show New Ticket Open and will display the location of the service call on the map. The customer can also tap the information box at the bottom to view service call details.
  • Tech Dispatched and En Route: This status will appear when the technician is dispatched to the service call and is currently traveling to the service call location. The screen will show the customer where the technician is on the map, the route they are driving to the service call, and the estimated time until they arrive. 
  • Tech is Arriving Now: This status will appear when the technician is arriving at the service call. The screen will display the technician's vehicle on the map arriving at the service call location.
  • Tech Resolving Issue: This status will appear while the technician is currently working on location. 
  • Ticket Closed: This status appears once the service call is completed and closed by the technician. 

Tech Arrival Buttons:

Call Button: The call button can be used by the customer to contact the service center. 
Expand/Collapse Button: The expand and collapse button is used to display the details of the service call.

NOTE: Tech Arrival links used by CEO Juice and any other third-party vendor will expire 24 hours after the ticket is closed.

Tech Arrival Examples: