To setup notifications in the LiveTrack app, follow the instructions below:

Getting to the Notifications screen:

  1. Open the LiveTrack app and Login.
  2. Tap the menu button at the top left of the screen.
  3. Next, tap "Settings"
  4. In the Settings list, tap on "Notifications"


The following list of notifications are listed. To enable/disable notifications toggle the switch next to the notification type.

  • Enable All: Toggle to enable all notifications for this device.
  • Zones: The zones notification provides notifications for when the device enters or exits zones created by the user.
  • Low Battery: Low battery notifications will alert the user when a battery-operated device reaches a battery level 
  • SOS: SOS notifications are sent when a devices SOS button is pressed. This feature is available on any device with an SOS button (i.e. BlackHawk, BlackHawk LTE, EagleEye, EagleEye 3.0).
  • Movement: Movement notifications are sent when a device starts or stops moving, or when a vehicle ignition is turned on or off.