The main screen of the app shows a full screen Google map. The features available from the map are described below.


Access the menu by tapping the menu icon at the top left of the screen.

Menu Icon:


The Trips feature displays each trip the device has taken from start to stop, or from ignition on to ignition off. 

Each day is displayed in a list with a number of trips shown on the left. Tap a day to view trip details for that date.

To access the trips feature, tap the trip icon on the map.

Trips Icon:

Trips List:

Trip Details:

The trip details section shows details of each trip on the date that was selected.

Locate Now:

The locate now button allows the user to request a location from the device. 

Locate Now Icon:

Tap the locate now button and the following screen will be displayed:

Tap the "Locate" button to attempt to locate the device. The locate now icon will show a loading wheel until the device locates.

Battery Level:

The Battery Level button will appear on the map if your device has an internal battery. Tap the battery icon to view the most recent battery level.

Battery Icon:

After tapping the battery icon, the following bar will appear at the bottom of the screen:

Battery Details: