The Device List shows a list of all active devices on an account. Below is a description of the data and tools available on the Device List.

Device Search: The Device Search allows the user to search for devices on the account. Search by any partial or full Device ID, Address, or Name.

Device Group: The Device Group drop-down box allows the user to switch between Device Groups in view, or select "All Devices" to view all.

Device List Header: The header of the Device List can be used to sort the devices. Click any of the column headers to sort by that value.

Name: The Name column displays the name of each of the devices on the account. Click the name of a device to go to the Device Dashboard.

Device ID: The Device ID is the unique identifier of the device. When creating support tickets, Datablaze may request this number.

Location: The last location received from the device. In some cases this may show only GPS coordinates, otherwise this will show the physical address.

Battery: The battery life left at the time of this device report.

Last Report: The last report column shows the date and time of this report.

Duration: The duration displays the amount of time that has past since this report was received.