Bolt Reporting Details

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The following table describes each of the report types the Bolt is capable of sending. These reports are shown on the Device Dashboard as well as the Full History page. 

To view these reports:

  1. Login to your Datablaze account on any device with an internet web browser by going to or CLICK HERE (Google Chrome recommended for best experience).
  2. Click the menu icon at the top-left of the screen.
  3. Click "Devices"
  4. Click on the name of the device you would like to view.
  5. You should now see the Device Dashboard. This screen provides recent history and is updated automatically. 
  6. To view a full searchable list of device history, click the "Full History" button below the Live Device History on the Device Dashboard. Alternatively, you can click the menu icon then click "History".
Report TypeDescription
Power OnThe Power On report notifies the user that the Bolt has successfully powered on.
Power OffThe Power Off report notifies the user that the Bolt has successfully powered off.
Location Report/Location Information*

*Location Information is included in multiple report types. This data is noted by underlined text.
The Location Report offers the following details with each report. The interval at which the Bolt sends the location report is set by the user from the Device Dashboard. For more information see the "Sending Commands" article. When the Bolt enters sleep mode (after 3 minutes of non-movement), the Bolt will report its location every 24 hours. Once the Bolt starts moving, it will resume its normal GPS reporting interval.
  1. GPS Position/Location: Displays the address and/or the GPS coordinates (latitude and longitude) of the device at the time of this report.
  2. Speed:The current speed at the time of the location (mph/kph).
  3. HeadingThe current heading from (0-360 degrees).
  4. BatteryBattery life remaining in the Bolt (0-100%).
  5. GPS AccuracyDescribes the accuracy of the location information (poor, fair, moderate, good, excellent).
  6. AltitudeThe current altitude of the device at the time of the location report.
  7. GPS UTC TimeThe date and time when this location was acquired (in UTC time)
  8. Cellular Signal: Cellular signal shows the strength of the cellular coverage at the time of the location (Poor, Low, Good, or Excellent)
MovementMovement reports are sent when the Bolt starts moving (immediately), and when the Bolt stops moving (waits 3 minutes to go into sleep mode). This report includes the following:
  1. Location Information: All underlined data from Location Information above
  2. Call Reason: Call reason will show "Movement State Changed"
  3. Device Movement: Device Movement will show either "Moving" or "Stopped"
Start ChargingThe Start Charging report is sent when the device is plugged in to the charging cord.
Stop ChargingThe Stop Charging report is sent when the device is removed from the charger.
Command SentThe Command Sent report is shown when the user sends a command to the Bolt.
To learn how to send command CLICK HERE.
Device AcknowledgementThe Device Acknowledgement report is sent to confirm the command sent by the user.

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