BlackHawk Placement

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One of the most common questions we get is "Where do I place the device"? Follow the guide below and you should have no problem tracking your BlackHawk.

General Rules:

  1. Do not place the BlackHawk in area where the front side (with lights) is covered by metal. 
  2. Place in an area where it will not be directly in contact with weather. 

Vehicle Installation:

  1. Avoid placing in area surrounded in metal. While the BlackHawk may work in an area such as the trunk of the vehicle, it's GPS antenna will be severely impaired by the surrounding metal. 
  2. The BlackHawk will need to be charged often, make sure to place in an area that will be easy to access frequently.
  3. Common placement locations - glove box, under seats, inside plastic side panels, under dashboard, inside headrest. 

Vehicle Installation (with magnetic case):

An optional magnetic case is available through Datablaze and our Resellers. If you have a magnetic case for your BlackHawk you will have the ability to place the device under a vehicle or on any other metal surface. Keep in mind the rules above.

  1. Place the BlackHawk in the magnetic case with the lights facing up. The BlackHawk's GPS signal strength will be severely limited and may not work at all if the BlackHawk's lights are facing toward the magnets. 
  2. Find a flat metal surface to attach the magnetic case. Rounded or uneven surfaces will reduce strength of magnets. Do not place within two feet of any exhaust or engine components, severe heat will affect the device and potentially damage the BlackHawk. Avoid wheel wells as the wheels may come in contact with the case/device when the vehicle is in motion. Avoid placing the magnetic case near moving parts.

Avoid the Following when placing your BlackHawk:

  1. Engine and exhaust components that produce extreme heat
  2. Metal directly over the top of the case (this will reduce or eliminate GPS coverage)
  3. Wheel wells (some vehicles have large wheel wells and offer locations for the magnetic case. However, these locations may come in contact with the wheel or other components while the vehicle is motion. 
  4. Moving parts (placing the BlackHawk near moving parts risks the possibility of the case being jarred and eventually falling off the vehicle).

NOTE: Datablaze and its Resellers are not liable for any damage to the BlackHawk or the vehicle, or any other object the BlackHawk is attached to as a result of customer placement or any other reason.

Still have questions, contact Datablaze Support.

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